The Arcwise Tube Application for Barcelona Beer Company by Grupo Miralles nominated for the Carton Excellence Award 2019!

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We are happy to announce that the Arcwise® tube application for Barcelona Beer Company by Grupo Miralles has been nominated as finalist by the jury of Carton Excellence Award 2019. Click here to have a look at the finalists!

To learn more about the benefits of the Arcwise® Tube packaging developed by SCA, continue to read or click here to watch the 2 min video!

The Arcwise® Tube packaging is renewable and biodegradable. It is a new alternative to paper board tubes (grey board tubes) and can significantly reduce the packaging weight and the carbon foot print. Compared to a standard grey board tube (~700 g/m2), the Arcwise® tube for the Cerdos Voladores application has 30% lower weight which also corresponds to a 30% reduction of the carbon footprint.

The design by Grupo Miralles, placing three beer cans on top of each other in a tube, provides a completely new expression for Cerdos Voladores and for selling beer in general.

“Once we presented it to our international partners, in the 22 countries to which we are exporting, the requests have not stopped arriving. Until now you can find the 3-pack in for example South Korea, Italy and Ireland.”

– Oriol Renart, CO director Barcelona Beer Company

Shipping flat tube sheets that are erected at the brand owner instead of solid tubes can have a major effect on logistics and carbon footprint emissions. Up to 10 times as many tube sheets compared to tubes can be transported on a pallet!

Arcwise® – Round shaped corrugated board packaging- is the new packaging technology that allows curved shaped packaging solutions with unique appearance and enhanced performance.