Schumacher Packaging launches innovative Arcwise packaging in cooperation with Soti Natural and The Lorenz Bahlsen Snacks-World

Magnus ViströmUncategorized

Recently, a team of designers at Schumacher Packaging has been working on the creation of round shaped packaging and displays. A cooperation with Soti Natural and The Lorenz Bahlsen Snacks-World resulted in the creation of an Arcwise “Tri-Pack”, which is offered in a well know supermarket chain in Poland.

The Arcwise “Tri-Pack” contained two tubes of Chipsletten potato chips and a bottle of SOTI Natural tea, a selected drink balancing the flavors of the chips. The unique Arcwise packaging design is catching the attention of the consumers, who can choose between two flavor options, Hot Southern Flavours and Oriental Flavours of Asia.

As a highly innovative corporation, following a well-developed corporate Social Responsibility philosophy, Schumacher takes pride is developing innovative and sustainable packaging solutions.

“The successful Arcwise Tri-pack is a great example of how the company is progressing forward in this direction.”

– Arkadiusz Wysocki, Key Account Manager Schumacher Packaging Poland

So far Schumacher Packaging offers the following Arcwise products: Bag in box, tray and wrap-around packaging. The coming time will focus on introducing round shaped packaging with automated erecting and filling at brand owners seeking material efficient packaging that stands out from the crowd.