SCA is launching Arcwise® Design Lab


SCA is launching a new service, Arcwise® Design Lab, as a response to an increased demand for eye-catching curved shaped packaging solutions. Arcwise® Design Lab will offer design work linked to Arcwise® – round shaped corrugated board packaging.

Arcwise® Design Lab is combining creativeness and a unique design competence which has been built up over a long period of time, leading to deep know-how about packaging performance, logistic systems, productivity and how to optimize packaging for all parts of the supply chain.

The Arcwise® concept opens up unique design possibilities not only for consumer packaging and displays. The concept also enables smart solutions and functionality outside the field of packaging.

Arcwise® Design Lab – We will bring you unique packaging solutions and clever functionality.
Challenge us!

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Arcwise Tri-curved pack

Arcwise® Design Lab – Experts on curved shapes and packaging performance