Meet Arcwise® at Drupa in Düsseldorf

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Round shaped packaging - wrap around packaging with round corners. The shape of the product is reflected in the packaging design

Did you know that you can boost your brand and the attractiveness of you products by using curve shaped packaging design? At Drupa in Düsseldorf you are welcome to look at packaging samples and listen to how Arcwise® by SCA Forest Products entails revolutionary new curved shaped corrugated board packaging designs. A presentation will be […]

Erecting and filling of Arcwise® “wrap around” packaging is verified

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Round shaped packaging - curved shaped wrap around packaging

Erecting of and filling of the Arcwise® wrap around packaging has been verified. In an existing machine, packaging was erected and filled with bottles at ordinary production speed without any need for additional investments or adjustments. A link to a film a clip showing the erecting/filling process can be distributed on request. Send an e-mail to […]

Arcwise® – Curved shaped beverage tray is launched

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Together with Vasa Brewery, the SCA business operation Arcwise® has designed and launched a unique “hockey rink” tray for 50 cl beverage bottles. Vasa Brewery is happy about the new opportunities that Arcwise® offers. “A great thing about Arcwise® is that we can introduce a breakthrough packaging design and still using our existing erecting and […]

VASA Brewery and Arcwise® launches new display application

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The Arcwise team in front of the pallet wraps of VASA Brewery

The Arcwise team in front of the pallet wraps of VASA Brewery   Pallet wraps for beverages made of Arcwise® material are now used at a number of retailers in Sweden. The pallet wraps have been developed during a cooperation project between Arcwise® and VASA Brewery, who is the first brand owner in Sweden to use Arcwise® […]

Arcwise® presented at International Conference on Sandwich Structures during week 12


From Sunday, March 20,  through Tuesday, March 22,  the 11th International Conference on Sandwich Structures (ICSS-11) will be held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. The ICSS-11 conference will highlight the most recent R&D in the area of sandwich structures and on the conference program there is a session about “Compression Strength of Corrugated Board Cylinders”. […]

Arcwise® releases new packaging concept


5. Arcwise® packaging stands out on the shelf at the retailer

Arcwise®, a business within SCA Forest Products has developed a new and revolutionary technology for producing round corrugated board packaging. It offers totally new design possibilities while reducing packaging weight by 30%, thereby also improving environmental performance. The technology provides the unique opportunity to integrate graphic design with curved shaped packaging, having the rigidity of […]