Schäfer & Flottmann is showing the Arcwise® bag-in box packaging at drinktec in Munich

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Visit Drinktec in Munich and the booth of the packaging machine supplier Schäfer & Flottmann to see the Arcwise® curved shaped bag-in-box application. Drinktec, the world’s leading trade fair for the beverage and liquid food industry, takes place in Munich September 11-15, 2017. Arcwise is cooperating with packaging machine suppliers to assure an efficient automatic […]

Arcwise® is now launching the Tri-curved pack

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Arcwise® is continuously developing packaging concepts and new designs to help brand owners and retailers enhance performance in point of sale. Arcwise® is now launching the Tri-curved pack, which is a new “grab and go” packaging solution that opens up for interesting campaign setups.    

How to make consumers curious about your products in point of sale?

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Due to round corners of Arcwise® packaging, it is possible to get a seamless extension of a graphic design from one packaging panel to the next without the disruption of 90 degree corners.  A clever graphic design will make the consumer curious about what’s around the corner and the probability that he/she will grab the […]

Do you create playful packaging designs?

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The curved shaped Arcwise® pull out pack is a premium packaging solution that will stand out at point of sale. The packaging is die-cutted as one single piece, which means that it has a unique and appealing opening and closing function compared to convention pull out boxes (which consist of two pieces). A playful graphic […]

Launch of Arcwise® packaging that stands out at Swedish retailers

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The combination of packaging and display gives you means to enforce branding and to mediate the right expression. The possibility to use curved shaped designs will even further strengthen the attractiveness of your offer. Read more about how this is possible at    

Curved shaped packaging combined with high productivity in the packaging process

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Round Front Packaging

  Did you know that it is easy and fast to pack products using Arcwise® – Round shaped corrugated board packaging? In addition to automatic erecting/filling of trays and wrap around packaging, highly efficient manual packaging solutions has also been developed. Watch the videos of manual packaging of the Arcwise® Round Front packaging solution, automatic […]

How can packaging shape strengthen the association with the product?

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Clever integration of graphic design with curved packaging shapes opens up for enhanced brand recognition and product association. As an inspiration we will share some interesting packaging designs that were created at the design department at Mid Sweden University. By using Arcwise® (bendable corrugated board) a multi-pack of soup was designed by Annelie Appelvik Sundström […]

Cepac is officially launching Arcwise® in the UK


Cepac, one of the leading independent corrugated producers in the UK, is today officially launching Arcwise®. In  a press release, Cepac  writes: “The patented technology used in Arcwise allows corrugated board to be bent in a smaller radius than ever before. New shapes can be created to offer greater possibilities to extend the graphical layout […]