Finnish packaging company Adara signs up for an Arcwise license


2018 has started at a good pace for Arcwise and we are happy to announce this year’s first licensee. The Finnish packaging producer Adara Pakkaus Oy signed the agreement yesterday and with this addition of a Finnish licensee we are increasing the European coverage with our ARCWISE network. Adara has a long tradition as a […]

The World’s best Gin & Tonic sold in Arcwise® packaging!

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Crowned the World’s Best Gin & Tonic in 2016 by IWSC, Hernö Gin has turned to Cepac, the UK’s leading independent corrugated packaging producer to provide an eye-catching gift pack including a bottle of gin and two bottles of premium tonic using its Arcwise range. The Arcwise® concept, developed and patented by SCA, provided the […]

New Arcwise® display for Mentos White Always

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If the shape of your product or packaging is important for your brand, you might want to highlight that shape also in the POS display. In the mission to boost sales, clever integration of graphic design with curved shapes opens up for enhanced product association as well as brand recognition. In the launch of Mentos […]

How to use the Arcwise® Tri-curved pack to setup attractive point of purchase displays?

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Arcwise Tri-curved pack

For a packaging to be successful in point of sale there are some important factors to be taken into consideration, such as how it is boosting attractiveness, evoking curiosity and making the product more visible. An important contributor to this is in the interplay between packaging and point-of-purchase displays. Arcwise® has launched the Tri-curved pack, […]

Brohl Wellpappe receives the Superstar Silver Award for an Arcwise® display

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We congratulate our German Arcwise licensee Brohl Wellpappe for receiving a Superstar Silver Award for the Pritt Point-Of-Sale display based on Arcwise® technology. The opportunity to form a display in the same shape as the packaging or the product itself is a powerful way of building brand recognition. Research also indicates that people in general […]

New Arcwise Sample Range Stands up to Testing

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Cepac in UK is now showing through their own tests not only the aesthetic benefits of Arcwise but also the inherent technical advantages curved shaped corrugated board packaging brings. Cepac’s use of Arcwise technology is receiving positive feedback from its wide range of FMCG customers. “Licensed from SCA by Cepac, Arcwise is the latest product innovation […]

Schäfer & Flottmann is showing the Arcwise® bag-in box packaging at drinktec in Munich

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Visit Drinktec in Munich and the booth of the packaging machine supplier Schäfer & Flottmann to see the Arcwise® curved shaped bag-in-box application. Drinktec, the world’s leading trade fair for the beverage and liquid food industry, takes place in Munich September 11-15, 2017. Arcwise is cooperating with packaging machine suppliers to assure an efficient automatic […]

Arcwise® is now launching the Tri-curved pack

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Arcwise® is continuously developing packaging concepts and new designs to help brand owners and retailers enhance performance in point of sale. Arcwise® is now launching the Tri-curved pack, which is a new “grab and go” packaging solution that opens up for interesting campaign setups.    

How to make consumers curious about your products in point of sale?

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Due to round corners of Arcwise® packaging, it is possible to get a seamless extension of a graphic design from one packaging panel to the next without the disruption of 90 degree corners.  A clever graphic design will make the consumer curious about what’s around the corner and the probability that he/she will grab the […]

Do you create playful packaging designs?

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The curved shaped Arcwise® pull out pack is a premium packaging solution that will stand out at point of sale. The packaging is die-cutted as one single piece, which means that it has a unique and appealing opening and closing function compared to convention pull out boxes (which consist of two pieces). A playful graphic […]