New Arcwise® display for Mentos White Always

Magnus ViströmUncategorized

If the shape of your product or packaging is important for your brand, you might want to highlight that shape also in the POS display. In the mission to boost sales, clever integration of graphic design with curved shapes opens up for enhanced product association as well as brand recognition.

In the launch of Mentos White Always, CFP Brands has introduced a new display solution on the market. Through the use of Arcwise® technology, Brohl Wellpappe designed an eye-catching “big pack”- a display solution having the appearance and shape of the curved shaped primary packaging.

Arcwise® technology applies a combined rigidity and bending property of the corrugated material. Therefore, applications based on Arcwise® technology provide a much higher loading capacity in contrast to classic solid board solutions. Hence, using Arcwise®, it is possible scale-up the size of packaging and display applications while keeping rigidity.