Arcwise® was selected as the ideal packaging material for a new product launched at Designtorget


For the Stockholm design week, design students Olivia Tognelli Brontén and Isabel Wagner, studying at the recognized Beckmans design school in Stockholm, have in coorperation with Swedish design store chain Designtorget, developed and designed a “wheet pillow”. Due to the round pillow design, the students turned to Arcwise to get a round and sustainable packaging with the rigidity to stand the strains from the 2 kilogram heavy pillow.

The pillow is designed for the essential need of closeness and warmth and by heating the pillow in the microwave oven for a couple of minutes, it releases the heat during a long time and can mimic the feeling of a cat resting on the chest or an arm around the shoulder.

The pillow is sold in a limited edition at Designtorget in Sweden and at during February.

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