Brohl Wellpappe receives the Superstar Silver Award for an Arcwise® display

Magnus ViströmUncategorized

We congratulate our German Arcwise licensee Brohl Wellpappe for receiving a Superstar Silver Award for the Pritt Point-Of-Sale display based on Arcwise® technology.

The opportunity to form a display in the same shape as the packaging or the product itself is a powerful way of building brand recognition. Research also indicates that people in general are more attracted to curved shaped objects compared to objects with sharp angles. Using Arcwise®, rigid curved shaped displays can be created to boost sales. Still they can be transported in a flat state, which both entails efficient logistics and is good for the environment.

Welcome to visit the gallery at to see more examples of Arcwise® display applications such as pallet wrappings and POS-displays that have been developed to create attention at point of sale.