Arcwise® Design Lab is combining creativeness and professional design competence with deep know-how about packaging performance, logistic systems, productivity and how to optimize packaging for all parts of the supply chain.

Arcwise® Design Lab offers design work linked to Arcwise® – round shaped corrugated board packaging.

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    We are experts on curved shapes and packaging performance

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    We are experts on combining graphics and shape

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    We bring you a unique packaging that stands out




A recent product made by Arcwise® Design Lab is the Hernö Gin gift pack. Hernö Gin, honored with the World’s best Gin 2017, wanted a gift pack that reflected their brand of artisanal gin made in the north of Sweden. In addition to this, Hernö desired a more sustainable solution that matched their craftsmanship in distilling their organic gin and approached Arcwise® Design Lab to create something unique. The pack contains one bottle of Hernö Gin and two tonics which are wrapped by Arcwise® material following the different rounds of the bottles, giving it a unique and interesting shape. Made from renewable resources and shipped as flat sheets, the solution fits perfectly into the Hernö brand.





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